Tuesday, December 23, 2008


xmas is leaving me broke.. its the first time that i acctually dipped into my bank account since i started werking at starbucks.. haha.. its all guud though.. i just hope that all the gifts i give/ gave out are well appeciated.. i worked to try to bring a smile to some loved ones.. 

happy xmas..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


     i finally remember one of my dreams.. it made me a lil sad when i woke up.. well let me tell u wat the dream was about..
    from what i remember it started off at work and then i met someone.. and some how i ended laying my head on her lap.. then in all of a sudden ended up at my house and we were BBQ'in she was the one that was grilling.. it was really cool.. then i picked her up and gave her a hugg and kissed her.. and then i woke up..
   i woke up with a lil feeling of something missing in my life..  i dont know.. wat is that telling me.. i mean im kool with being singel right now.. but that dream is getting to my head.. 

Friday, November 21, 2008

me Wanty!

All Black leather
Lupe Fiasco
All Star Hi B

dammit.. i was browsin the net and i came accross these.. damn.. i want them.. i dont know where to pick these up at though.. dammit.. 

+ motor and esc

yay.. one more part installed on my new RC.. i just need 2 more things.. and then it will be ready to run.. soo excited.. slowly but surely.. ha..

Thursday, November 13, 2008

lazy bussiness people..

   soo.. i was at work today and i saw the stupidest thing.. there was some guy with them lugage stroller thingy.. i dont really know wat you call it but lets just leave it at that.. haha.. ok.. so it was carrying this little ass bag.. it couldnt have been bigger than a shoe box.. i mean c'mon.. really.. has america become that lazy.. really???

 all i can say is "sauuuuce"..

Monday, November 10, 2008

tell me

wat happened to the kiids inside everyone.. you use to have fun.. wat happen?

just cuz u grow old doesnt mean u have to grow up..

Sunday, November 9, 2008


   i have something to keep me a lil occupied now.. ha.. i just got my R4 and i never need to buy any Nintendo DS games ever.. i never did but no i dont have a chance to pay for it now.. ha.. video games are fun.. it surprises me that not many people play games any more.. 


   i hate being bored.. i feel sooo useless.. ughh..
well not so much useless as feeling annoyed.. ughhh
i have the need to always do something after work..
if i dont i feel like i wasted a day.. hmmmm..
i dunno.. i dont get it.. 

Thursday, November 6, 2008

korean pizza

haha.. who would have thought.. i only had one slice but it was guud.. couldnt really complain.. anf then the chicken.. that was pretty guud.. i liked it a lot.. ha.. i had like 5 pieces, and i wasnt even hungry.. haha.. and to wash that all down with a cold mug of hite beer.. mmm.. guud times..

Monday, November 3, 2008


ha.. fun day.. jess chillen and enjoyin art..
drivin with a friend.. havin a ciggg..
watchin the sunset.. ha.. dope..
window shoppin to the maxx.. haha..
watchin hiigh kiids act a fool.. lol..

thanks tiff..

Thursday, October 30, 2008

my new toy

So i finally got this thing.. hahha.. im such a nerd..
i love that i never pay full price.. i got this for a steal.. only 100$
this thing usually retails for like 300+$.. but i still have another 180$ to spend on this thing to get it running.. ughhhh.. o well at least its one step to getting it working.. ha..

Monday, October 27, 2008


yay.. new toy.. i finally got my GPS..
no more getting lost.. even though i rarely get lost.. hahaha..

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Drink drank drunk

i think ive been drinking too much.. 
ive been goin out to bars a lot..
i mean, i dont go out to get drunk or anything..
i just go out to hang out with friends..
meeting new people is always fun..
im starting to enjoy the bar scene..


who knows.. i guess im just enjoying the times..
well now i think i can call myself a social drinker..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


thats hott.. some might say otherwise but like they say.. 
"beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

Saturday, October 18, 2008

fun fun

   hahaha.. its great havin a job again.. and its kool too that i dont spend any money from my check.. hahaha.. tips are funn.. i can live off tips alone.. lol..

join me next time.. it'll be fun..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

missin it..

i think im in that stage after a relationship where i miss the company of that special someone.. 
i dont know why.. i miss jess talkin to someone..
i miss holding them in my arms.. holding hands..
i start to notice songs on the radio.. theres a lot of stuff on TV.. 
thsi is normal isnt it?
this should pass.. its jess a phase.. right?

Monday, October 13, 2008

so its official

so i started werk today.. i finally have a job after almost 2 years of not having a job on papaer.. lol.. yay.. no more bein broke.. ha

friends in pain

  i noticed a friend today dealing with a break up..
i know the pain personally.. i know it sucks.. its sucks ass..
damn.. thats a really bigg thing to go through.. 
some people deal differently.. 
but when someone else notices these things.. 
what can i do to help.. i noticed that he's been getting drunk..
every night this week.. i was there a few times..
i mean a friend can only be there soo much..
im there for support no doubt.. but..
i cant be there for the guy 24/7.. but i dont know.. 
maybe he needs this..
but how long can this go on before it becomes a problem.. 

you know??

i think i'll give it some more time.. 
i mean he's a guud guy, and one of my best friends..
i jess wish that he were a more open person..
it doesnt help that he bottles everything up inside..
and take it out on drinkin to get over it..


i hate break-ups!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

starbucks orrientation

  ha.. i had orrientation today.. i thought i wouldnt wake up.. i acctually got up early.. and i realised i dont take long to get ready.. ughhh.. so i was ready like 45 min before i had to go.. so i jess sat around an watched TV.. then i couldnt stand it.. so i left 30 min early.. my orrientation was at 1.. i got to the area around 12.. so i ate lunch.. and i stopped by big 5 and checked if they had the sleeve that i wanted.. and they did.. yay.. so after i went to starbuck.. did the orrientation.. i thought it was gonna take a lil longer.. but it didnt.. cant wait to start..

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

another year in the books..

  so another bday.. im 23.. and nothing done yet in my life.. i think its about that time to get my like straight.. i need to hitt the skoolin and get me an education.. 

i dont regret a lot of things that ive ever done.. but i think that not getting an education right after HS was probably one of the only things.. now im 4 years behind in my education.. my peers are now almost graduating or already did.. and wat do i have to show.. nothing..

well i wouldnt say nothing.. 
why am i being so hard on myself.. ha..

well from not goin to skool i gained a lot of life experience.. i understand that u also get life experience while goin to skool but theres a lot of things that u cant learn from skool.. or at least thats wat i think.. some might say otherwise.. 

but now that i realise that.. that is gonna be a starting point.. 

a staring point for everything that i need to work for.. 

i hope..

Monday, October 6, 2008

starbucks pt.3

so the y finaly called me.. ha.. im finally starting.. its been almost a month since my interview.. and now i have orrientation on wednesday.. ha.. sooo excited.. im finally workin again..

Thursday, October 2, 2008

a shot

see wat happens.
see wat grows.
life presents u with opportunities everyday.
do you act on the opportunites presented.
or do u not notice.

see wat might not happen.
see wat might not grow.

how can u be so sure u seize every opportunity.
do u even notice?
do i notice...

- ty

Monday, September 29, 2008

winter winter..

   the time has come once again.. 
the cold season is commin.. yay..
i get to get into my winter wardrobe..
get to cover up with more clothes.. hah..


Sunday, September 28, 2008

ended upp at nancy's

sooo.. night began like anyother saturday..
started uppp.. callin upp peeps to see wassap wit the evening..
soo i was suppose to hitt up at my friend terrance's house and
play some poker and black jack..
but as like every other weeend, everyone is a fukken flake..
ahha.. but it was kool..
i went to karlo's house and chilled on some brew's..
tiff came down.. drank some more laughed.. haha..
my other homegurl hiit me up and said she was commin down.. ha..
toooook forever.. so i left lo's house and met them upp at blockbuster..
ehh.. drove her half way and then now i'm at nancy's house and im writing this..

hahaha.. and they are lookin at me type this now.. lol

Saturday, September 27, 2008


  hahah.. my weekend started early..
went to D&B on thursday.. damn..
havnt been drunk in public in a while..
met some kool peeps.. cant complain about that..
then last nite went to Riverside.. out of all places..
and went to a frat rush party.. wtf.. ha..
i felt a bit old to be there but ehh.. 
my friend wanted me to go with them so.. 
why not.. ha..
it was fun yelling at all the little freshman.. haha..
guud times..
and guess wat.. its just sat.. what is there to do tonite??

Friday, September 26, 2008

i want this phone

the new t-moblile G1

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


  that was fun tonight.. ha.. and tiff came down too.. niiice..

Saturday, September 20, 2008

ughhh.. stupid oil change..

   ok so today i did my oil change.. i hate when other ppl change my oil.. well the last time my car got an oil change.. i went to the dealership to get it changed.. i shouldnt have.. ughhhhh.. wat a headache.. it took me like an hour and a half to change my oil.. it usually only takes like 30 min at the most but damn.. i couldnt get the oil filter off.. the stupid guy at honda put it on too tight.. that shitt took me like a lil more than an hour tryin to take that thing off.. but now im done so its all guud.. ha.. yay my car will drive smoother now..

Friday, September 19, 2008

starbukcs pt.2

     well i was talking to my friend that was tryin to get me the job over there.. he pretty much said that i got the job.. but he also said he doesnt noe why they are takin forever to get me started.. so i guess im hired.. ha.. i dunno.. we'll see.. i hope i got the job..

Thursday, September 18, 2008

i found

i found this little find interesting.. ha.. if u noe me abd u've seen my car then u should recognize this.. ha.. i want that shirt.. lol..
soo much pride.. ha.. i think its getting to the point where it turns into a whole fob thing.. lol..

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

fuck drama


i want a pet like this..

so i was jess surfin the web.. and i came across a pic of some dude with his pet.. i think is a hyena.. that looks hard as fuck.. hhahah.. 

Ne-Yo: Year of the Gentleman

    i like it.. its the ne-yo that ur used to.. some slow and of course the upbeat style.. the fave song as of now is the song Single.. pretty dope.. listen to it!! ha

and no its not that nigga hurts shitt..

fuck 2faced bitches

dont u jes hate it when u find out some shit that jess fukks everything that i knew about someone.. ppl are one way when ur around and then totally different when you're out of the picture.. wat the FUCK!! fucken ppl need to stop fukken frontin.. god damn.. who the fuck likes them ppl.. stupid little thing like that just justify why i got out a fukken stooopid, fukken immature ass relationship.. fuck that.. seriously.. who the fuck tells ppl that i was cheating.. wat the FUCK!!

even for me it takes a lot to say these things.. i have sooo much respect for a female.. and it just goes to show you.. there are definitely ppl like that out there.. just wanting to say whit.. just to say shit..

and ur the one that wants to befriend me after the shit u talk behind my baq.. fuck that!

ooooooo.... i want..

ii just saw the shoes i want for my car.. soooo sexy.. need to start savin up for these sexyness.. ha..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


this show is pretty interesting.. ha.. i mean.. like the whole premesis of the whole show is sci-fi.. and i know that is totaly not possible.. well almost impossible.. ha.. who knows wat ppl are doin out there in the world..


dman.. they need to call me already and let me know if i got hired or not.. i mean cuz when i went on my interview i think it went pretty well.. and too when they tell you to go get drug tested that usually means that ur hired rite?? i dunno.. im getting anxious.. 

Starbucks, Call me already!!

buyt it for me

who wants to buy them for me... c'mon.. u noe u want too..

Sunday, September 14, 2008

its been a while..

haha.. damn.. ive been away from this for a min.. 

well here's a lil up date..
right now im waiting on a drug test to se if i got a job at 
starbucks or no.. i should be able to pass it.. i dunno..
we'll see..

i need to finish paper werk for skool..