Sunday, September 28, 2008

ended upp at nancy's

sooo.. night began like anyother saturday..
started uppp.. callin upp peeps to see wassap wit the evening..
soo i was suppose to hitt up at my friend terrance's house and
play some poker and black jack..
but as like every other weeend, everyone is a fukken flake..
ahha.. but it was kool..
i went to karlo's house and chilled on some brew's..
tiff came down.. drank some more laughed.. haha..
my other homegurl hiit me up and said she was commin down.. ha..
toooook forever.. so i left lo's house and met them upp at blockbuster..
ehh.. drove her half way and then now i'm at nancy's house and im writing this..

hahaha.. and they are lookin at me type this now.. lol

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