Tuesday, December 23, 2008


xmas is leaving me broke.. its the first time that i acctually dipped into my bank account since i started werking at starbucks.. haha.. its all guud though.. i just hope that all the gifts i give/ gave out are well appeciated.. i worked to try to bring a smile to some loved ones.. 

happy xmas..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


     i finally remember one of my dreams.. it made me a lil sad when i woke up.. well let me tell u wat the dream was about..
    from what i remember it started off at work and then i met someone.. and some how i ended laying my head on her lap.. then in all of a sudden ended up at my house and we were BBQ'in she was the one that was grilling.. it was really cool.. then i picked her up and gave her a hugg and kissed her.. and then i woke up..
   i woke up with a lil feeling of something missing in my life..  i dont know.. wat is that telling me.. i mean im kool with being singel right now.. but that dream is getting to my head..