Tuesday, October 7, 2008

another year in the books..

  so another bday.. im 23.. and nothing done yet in my life.. i think its about that time to get my like straight.. i need to hitt the skoolin and get me an education.. 

i dont regret a lot of things that ive ever done.. but i think that not getting an education right after HS was probably one of the only things.. now im 4 years behind in my education.. my peers are now almost graduating or already did.. and wat do i have to show.. nothing..

well i wouldnt say nothing.. 
why am i being so hard on myself.. ha..

well from not goin to skool i gained a lot of life experience.. i understand that u also get life experience while goin to skool but theres a lot of things that u cant learn from skool.. or at least thats wat i think.. some might say otherwise.. 

but now that i realise that.. that is gonna be a starting point.. 

a staring point for everything that i need to work for.. 

i hope..

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