Monday, October 13, 2008

friends in pain

  i noticed a friend today dealing with a break up..
i know the pain personally.. i know it sucks.. its sucks ass..
damn.. thats a really bigg thing to go through.. 
some people deal differently.. 
but when someone else notices these things.. 
what can i do to help.. i noticed that he's been getting drunk..
every night this week.. i was there a few times..
i mean a friend can only be there soo much..
im there for support no doubt.. but..
i cant be there for the guy 24/7.. but i dont know.. 
maybe he needs this..
but how long can this go on before it becomes a problem.. 

you know??

i think i'll give it some more time.. 
i mean he's a guud guy, and one of my best friends..
i jess wish that he were a more open person..
it doesnt help that he bottles everything up inside..
and take it out on drinkin to get over it..


i hate break-ups!

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