Sunday, November 18, 2007


woke up around 11 in the morning.. went to costco with my sis.. went to another costco cuz they didnt have something my sister wanted.. went to ross.. i got some new pants.. then went home.. called up some people to see wat was goin on last night.. and juan called me and wanted to chill.. the original plan was jess to chill hitt up speedzon and do a few laps and get some racing in.. ha.. but as i was driving to juan's house sal calls me up and reminds me that he was promoting v2o last night and told me that i should go..
so i get to juans house and i tell him that we have a choice.. to either go to speedzone or hitt uppp the club.. we bothe decided to hitt up the club and jess chilll get drunk.. and met a few new females.. ha.. we get to the club.. we were suppose to meet up sal.. he was freakin late.. he got there around 11 so we couldn't get in till then.. freakin gay.. the club was poopin.. there were a lot of sexy women everywhere.. ha.. and a few uglie ones.. lol.. but the night went well.. we met some kool females and had a lot of fun..

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