Friday, November 16, 2007


went to skool at 7.. got home around 11.. took a nap for a couple of hours.. woke up around 3 and my friend ccame over hung out and played video games.. killed a few hours..
around 6 i started to get ready to hiit up the new club my friends were promoting.. terrence came over around 7:30 we chilled for a bit and left to go pick up juan around 8:30..
so we get to the club.. i got lost for a few minutes and finally found the place.. ha.. i didnt see the big ass sign.. lol.. so we get there met the promotors from the club.. pretty kool peeps.. we couldn't get in till around 10:30.. we walk into the Venue it was nice and big.. but it was dead.. so we scopped out the place for an hour but i noticed that the place still dead even at 11:30 so we decided to leave..
we headed to UCLA to visit my sister and we just drank some beers talked and called it a night around 3..

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